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Sell more Grow faster Print with O’Naphtali

Print scratch cards with O’Naphtali, sell more and grow faster.
Using the best marketing tools will grow your business, save you time and save you money.
Nigeria foremost printing company. A printing solution firm whose specialization is in strategic printing services, to help other businesses get the best return on the capital invested on their marketing campaign, is always ready to work with any forward thinking firm, growth driven, to achieve their marketing objectives within their budget.

Call John on 08098485910, 07089690192

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One of the best strategy that will project the right image for any school and propel it immediately up to date with the world leading institutions and colleges is by access card. In this technology driven era, adopting the world trendy easy payment methods (scratch card) for schools, college and any other educational/ non-educational institution is not something any school authority should leave to chance.
We “O’Naphtali company limited” can’t stress how important this method will improve overall view of the school by her stakeholders and ranking in the industry. A specially Customize scratch cards will not only increase your profit margin, it will also boast the value of the school/institution
Call John ON 08098485910 or 07089690192

We are passionate about your success!
For information, enquiry and servicesMinistry_of_Edu._Enugu_2014-15

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Print scratch cards in Nigeria and be Winner too!

Planning a scratch card promotion around a target audience, you will attract new customers, influence existing customers to take action and build word of mouth around your business.
Scratch cards are versatile for almost any budget. printed scratch cards should be in your company marketing arsenal, and here is why…

1. Attract new business
2. Encourage existing business
3. Maintain excitement
4. And do it all over again

scratch printing in nigeria

scratch cards

Contact us for your printing services
Call john on 08098485910, 07089690192

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Re-invent your business by introducing lottery tickets. It is affordable and profitable. For enquiries, call Shirley 08176499649

Do you want to re-invent your business?

Do you want to print lottery tickets?

Are you looking for the cheapest place to print it?

Are you looking for a way to satisfy your customers?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then you are on your way to making the best out of your business.

O’Naphtali is here to actualize your dreams and make your business interesting. Get raffle tickets and scratch cards for your business, customize and print at a very low price today and watch the drama.

We print raffle tickets and scratch cards in all sizes and shapes. What are you waiting for to actualize those dreams of yours? Print with us today and you will be happy you did.

For more enquiries, Please call 08176499649, 09021612751, 08098013665 or email


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Newest Innovation; QR codes on your cards instead of scratch off panels


Do you know you can now have QR codes on your cards?

QR codes are quick dimensional response. It is very easy to use.

It can be used for anything at anywhere. This can serve so many purposes. It can be used for online registration, documents, raffle tickets, e-payment and promotional offers, what you see after scanning is what you get. It could be in alphabet, numeric or images.

The code itself contains huge information that can be scanned and kept for future-use even if you don’t want it processed immediately.

QR code guarantees high security and minimizes exposure of your pins. Many businesses are now adopting this method as a means of marketing and another way to push in new products to the market.

For more enquiries, Please call 08176499649, 09021612751, 08098013665 or email, you can also visit our website

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Do you know you can have QR codes on your cards for promotional offers,result checker etc contact toyosi on 08088459205

Contact toyosi today at O’Naphtali company limited for the printing of your QR codes on different print jobs.Put a QR code on the back (or front) of your business card or any form of cards. It can be encoded so the person scanning it can automatically receive all of your contact information digitally, so they don’t have to enter it manually into their phone’s directory.There are various ways to use a QR codes on any of your print projects,They include;

  • Print a QR code on postcard or brochure mailers, and have it point to a landing page with a special discount offer.
  • Add a QR code to printed invitations, and point it to a Google map page that provides directions to your location.
  • Place a QR code on posters promoting a show, play, or movie, and have it point to a YouTube trailer promotion.
  • Print QR codes on product instructional sheets, labels,  and link the code to a website providing more details or a YouTube video showing how the product is assembled.
  • Add QR codes to vehicle signs, t-shirts, coffee cups… the list goes on.
  • Put QR codes on restaurant menus to provide dietary information for each dish.
  • Make the pages of a book come to life with QR codes that provide links to websites that offer more details about the subject in the book.
  • QR codes work great for your online result checker in place of a scratch card sometimes just incase you feel more comfortable to secure your pins.
  • Want to bring more traffic to your products? or use a new dimension for your school online registration cards etc contact us today and spice up your next marketing piece with a QR code and of your  print jobs. You’ll be glad you did.08088459205,08176499648.
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Scratch card printers you can trust anywhere in Nigeria 08088459205,0817499648

You may have used a local print shop to run off a few business leaflets and posters but do you really think they would be able to handle such a complex job as printing promotional scratch cards?No.scratch cards requires a certain planning and expertise but you don’t need to worry about that we will guide you through the process to ensure your promotion is successful as possible at O’Naphtali company limited use scratch cards today to promote your business to attract new customers and existing ones,our scratch cards printing can not only be used to promote businesses it can also be used for third part insurance companies,school online registrations,drug authentication etc we also render other services at O’Naphtali company limited like security prints,product labels,sticker labels.peel to win scratch cards,and general industrial printing like calendars,table tops.letter heads,magazines etc contact us today for further inquiries contact08088459205,08176499648scratch-444Scratch Card Production in Nigeria

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Seasons Greeting Cards Printing 08098485910

The season of Love is here again: A season to show to your loved ones how much you care and how much they mean to you. A season to appreciate your customers for their patronage.
There are many frequently asked questions running through individuals mind. Questions like

-What to give

-How to make

-To whom to issue

If truly you have at a point in time asked any of these questions, then you need not worry at all because at O’naphtali, we offer the printing of

1. Customized Seasons Greeting Scratch Cards
2. Scratch cards for promotional offers and bonanzas
3. New year Calendar both table and Wall calendars
4. Plus any other printing request
For any info, you can reach TAIWO on any of these numbers
Or email on
Or visit our website on
When you truly want to show love, giving is inevitable

24                                print1


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Scratch Cards for all purposes….

How do You Want to get Your Customers excited? A Surprise Discount, A Gift, Secret Sale, Fun Raising Opportunities, Trade Shows Give A ways , Employee Appreciation, In Store Incentives, Loyalty Programs, Employee Incentive, Direct Mailing, Scratch & Win, Scratch & Save, Trade Shows, Pin Numbers, Sporting Events, Sales Promotions, Fundraisers: Schools, Charity, Church, Sports, Groups, Gaming Scratch, Kids Scratch & Win, Kids Co-lour Scratch etc.

Good news is that you can print scratch cards at O’Naphtali Company Limited for all of these purposes and guess what! Our cards are very affordable.

Contact Opeyemi today or visit our website for more details…




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